Electronic Lockers: LoQit Smart Locker Management System & Solutions


LoQit is a flexible smart locker solution provided with a web portal for management, reader on each locker bank or reader on each locker door. Additional options include a keypad on each locker door, biometric reader on each locker bank and locker control via smartphone.

This solution is a full IP solution enabling a flexible installation that is managed via a web browser, with multiple integration possibilities including Active Directory, Access Control system integration and integration to any other business system via our web services SOAP XML and REST API integration module enabling a completely flexible and open solution.

LoQit Electronic Smart Digital Lockers Australia

Each lock comes complete with an internal light to provide users with visibility inside their locker when the door is open and a controllable 1A USB charging port which provides a secure location for users to charge their laptops, phones, tablets or other devices. USB and LED Lights can be enabled/disabled via locker bank defaults or user group permissions.

Doors can be programmed to function as required with no hardware modifications; ie upon a valid card being presented, doors can either be programmed to operate with Push to open, Pop open and Pull to open.


This is Why “Smart” Electronic Lockers are the Future

The days of lock & key are almost behind us as we speed into a technological future at a rapid and exponential pace. No longer will we need to rely on physical, manual keys to unlock things such as doors or lockers. Today, we’re focusing on “smart” electric locks. Locks which aren’t subject to wear and tear, or environmental issues. Locks which can make the process infinitely easier and more convenient for the user.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the clear advantages of switching to electronic lockers, as opposed to sticking with the traditional counterpart. If you work in an industry where you rely on security, then this is something that is almost certainly worth considering.

Let’s say for example you manage a large gym. How often are your employees faced with keys not working? Or having been lost? Or a locker door jamming? How often do you have to call for maintenance to handle repairs, or to forcefully open a locker so that your disgruntled member can gather their belongings? Well, with smart electronic lockers, you’ll no longer need to worry about that. Here’s why…

Electric lockers and more secure

With conventional “lock & key” lockers, there are issues with security. The most common issue is people losing their key, or the locks becoming unreliable over time. The greatest thing about switching to electric, is that they’re much more secure. This is because the “key” can be replaced with a keypad system, biometric reader, wrist-fob and even a smartphone reader. There are many suitable replacements for the standard lock and key.

Electric lockers are more durable

With a conventional “lock & key” locker, every use brings it closer to the end of its life. Some people can be rougher than others, while most will turn the key the wrong way, bending the key and eroding the lock. It’s a dated system which can easily be replaced by a more reliable alternative.

Electronic lockers are far more durable because there can be no tampering with the lock. A simple swipe of a fob, or entry of a code a voila: the locker opens. This means that an investment in electronic lockers will last a lot longer than their traditional counterparts.

Electronic lockers are easy to manage

Another huge selling point of switching to electronic lockers is the fact that you won’t have to manage hundreds of keys. That’s another security issue in itself. You can’t guarantee that your guests won’t take their key home by mistake. You will also have to keep them under “lock & key” when they’re not in use. Whichever system you currently use, it’s a lot more hassle than being able to manage all of your lockers from one simple control point (a remote, central locking system).

Electronic lockers are “weatherproof”

OK, so unless you keep your lockers outside then you might not need to worry about this. That said, in changing rooms, lockers are often subject to a great deal of moisture in the air. With conventional lockers which use dated materials, it’s not uncommon for rust to form on the locks and in the keyholes. This can prove to be a nuisance over time. Electronic lockers, on the other hand, adopt the finest materials, making them much more resistant to environmental factors such as moisture.

Vacant electronic lockers are easier to identify

Have you ever gone into a changing room before using the gym and spent 5 minutes trying to find a locker which you can use? It’s difficult to differentiate between lockers which are in use and lockers which are vacant (unless of course they’re left wide open). The benefit of using “smart” lockers, is the fact that you can have an LED indicator installed so that potential users can instantly identify whether or not a locker is available for use. This might seem like an insignificant benefit, but it is something which will go a long way towards guest happiness.

Electric lockers can have internal lights

A simple solution to a problem that you likely didn’t know that you had. Regular lockers can be dark and therefore difficult to navigate when looking for a specific item. With electric lockers, you can have internal lights installed so that users can easily identify the items that they require.

Device charging capabilities

Another beautiful benefit to having smart lockers installed is the fact that they can come with USB charging ports. This means that users can leave their mobile phones or laptops inside a secure location and fully-recharge it in their absence. This is perfect for those busy individuals who like to use the gym in between work and so on. It’s the little touches like this which can really separate your establishment from your competitors.

How can electronic lockers apply to my industry?

If you work in one of the following industries, then electric lockers will be the perfect upgrade for you:

  • Office environment
  • Healthcare & well-being
  • Education
  • Sports facilities
  • Construction sites

It’s important to offer your guests, customers and employees a safe and secure environment for them to store their valuable belongings. If you are currently using dated “lock & key” technology, but you’re keen to upgrade to a more reliable, secure and effective form of storage, then get in contact with us today. We can talk you through the various installation options, applications, security features and more. Whatever you need, our team of friendly representatives will gladly accommodate you.