When operating the door, the user has direct access to his/her own locker or the locker to be claimed. This natural process has the considerable advantage of avoiding waiting lines at the terminal and making it impossible to open a locker while the user is still at the terminal. This gives users a feeling of safety and security. Besides, this process is highly intuitive, without any communication or language issues at the terminal. There will be a terminal on each locker bank. If an employee cannot remember his/her locker number, he/she simply presents his/her card to the information terminal and the employee will be able see the locker number on the terminal. In the case of a flexible ?day use? locker bank users can tell what lockers are free from the LED indicator colour on each locker door, when green the locker is free, when red the locker is occupied. Users can claim a free locker by simply placing their card on the locker door.

No Need for Handles

The LOQIT LMS system offers the possibility to use locker doors without handles.

Using the software, it is possible to define (or change) whether the lockers, at any given time, are to be made accessible via “push-to-open” or via “pop open” (actively “pops” open) or “pull open”. This may be set up differently for each locker block.

If a locker is not opened in “push-to-open” mode, then the lock will be automatically secured



LoQit at Total Facilities 2019

March 20-21 2019 in Sydney LoQit will participate in the Total Facilities trade exhibition. The exibition/conference takes place at the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) on March 20 - 21, 2019.Come visit our stand no. C35 at the ICC and we will show you live our LoQit leading innovative electronic locking system and her many possibilities. Free entrance  Send us an e-mail at and you will receive the entrance code. WATCH THE ANIMATION! ...
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ACG Delivers Stunning Project

In Sydney our Partner ACG Fire & Security delivered a brand new project in Sydney with 500+ lockers. The lockers are treated with the special sublimation technique with custom artwork. The project also included installing locks on the fridge drawers and kitchen cabinets within the shared kitchen areas, this allowed the client to manage secure shared storage for individual tenants. Also, decide when it's time for drinks and when it time for work. WATCH THE ANIMATION! ...
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