RFID chips are highly suitable for electronic identification purposes. The RFID chips can be incorporated in wrist bands, paper passes and plastic cards. This technology is also used by public transport companies. In offices an RFID card is often used to gain access to rooms; they are also used as payment cards at educational institutes. LoQit’s electronic locks can be operated with all RFID card types. A choice can be made between operation with the RFID card on the terminal or on the locker door. Next Biometric Operation>

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LoQit at Total Facilities 2019

March 20-21 2019 in Sydney LoQit will participate in the Total Facilities trade exhibition. The exibition/conference takes place at the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) on March 20 - 21, 2019.Come visit our stand no. C35 at the ICC and we will show you live our LoQit leading innovative electronic locking system and her many possibilities. Free entrance  Send us an e-mail at info@loqit.com.au and you will receive the entrance code. WATCH THE ANIMATION! ...
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ACG Delivers Stunning Project

In Sydney our Partner ACG Fire & Security delivered a brand new project in Sydney with 500+ lockers. The lockers are treated with the special sublimation technique with custom artwork. The project also included installing locks on the fridge drawers and kitchen cabinets within the shared kitchen areas, this allowed the client to manage secure shared storage for individual tenants. Also, decide when it's time for drinks and when it time for work. WATCH THE ANIMATION! ...
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