The administrator may perform his/her management tasks in two ways:

1. With an administrator badge
By presenting this badge at the terminal, the administrator can open the management menu. This menu makes it possible to open specific lockers, to release specific lockers, to open all lockers, to open all free lockers, or to open all occupied lockers. This applies to the lockers that are linked to the terminal in question. In the case of door operation, the administrator may open any given locker with his/her administrator badge by presenting this badge.

2. Via the LOQIT LMS Dashboard
The administrator may access the Dashboard from a stationary computer or a mobile device. The administrator can then utilise the simplest management options (opening a specific locker, opening a locker wall), or he may perform more extensive management tasks, such as releasing a locker or linking an employee to a certain locker.



    The LOQIT LMS offers a variety of different timer options to prevent undesirable claiming of lockers and to reduce the burden on the administrator. Timers are generally employed with dynamic use.

    1. Timer, adjustable in one-minute increments. Once the backup timer has run out, there are three options:
    a. Blocking the locker
    b. Releasing the locker
    c. Starting the backup timer

    2. Backup timer, adjustable in one-minute increments. The purpose of the backup timer is to reduce the need for the administrator?s support. Frequently, employees are a little late. During the period of the backup timer, the locker may still be opened once. In addition, the backup timer can be used to open a locker once more after it has been released by the employee. This is useful in case something was left behind in the locker. During this period, the locker cannot be claimed by another employee. Once the backup timer has run out, there are two options:
    a. Blocking the locker
    b. Releasing the locker

    3. Releasing all lockers at a certain point in time. In certain situations, it is desirable to release all lockers or certain lockers at a pre-defined point in time.
    There is a possibility to set a time period during which a given employee cannot claim a new locker after release of the locker or after the timer has run out.


    Asial Award

    LoQit Wins ASIAL Award 2019

    October 2019 - ASIAL Awards LoQit Access Control Product of 2019 LoQit was awarded the "Access Control Product of the Year" in Melbourne at the Park Hyatt Awards Dinner held annually. We had a great night at the 2019 Australian Security Awards in Melbourne. This award and product success is attributed to the LoQit and ACG partnership and all the continuous hard work from both teams in developing this great smart locker solution. Our Australian Partner ACG Fire & Security was also a finalist for "Integrated security solution under $500k" for their recently completed LoQit installation at 60 Martin Place in ...
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    LoQit at Total Facilities 2019

    March 20-21 2019 in Sydney LoQit will participate in the Total Facilities trade exhibition. The exibition/conference takes place at the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) on March 20 - 21, 2019.Come visit our stand no. C35 at the ICC and we will show you live our LoQit leading innovative electronic locking system and her many possibilities. Free entrance  Send us an e-mail at and you will receive the entrance code. WATCH THE ANIMATION! ...
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